Clark Oil & Chemical is a compound blender and developer of metal working fluids. We have been located in Cleveland Ohio since 1912, and specialize in high quality product formulation and relationship based customer service.


Clark is experienced in providing cutting edge solutions for all industries, including automotive, nuclear energy, and medical implant device manufacturing.


From our full service laboratory, to our production facility capable of producing multiple transport batches all the way down to individual drum prototypes, Clark is equipped to meet all of your organization’s needs.


With our proactive approach to customer service, time-honed technical expertise, and commitment to the highest product quality, every level of our organization is dedicated to delivering value for you and your customers.


Clark understands Just-in-time and Lean methodologies, and can work jointly with your process improvement team to meet the goals of your company.

About Clark

Clark Oil & Chemical has served the metalworking industry for over 100 years with quality products and innovative solutions. Our metalworking fluids are based on time-tested formulations and technologies that are continually updated with the advances in science and tribology. We are committed to continuously developing and manufacturing value-added products that eliminate metalworking problems, increase productivity, and help companies remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. Our products ship worldwide and encompass the entire range of metalworking applications. We pride ourselves on developing strong collaborative relationships with our customers, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

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Our Philosophy

The specific selection and design of metalworking fluids will optimize performance in most metalworking processes. The more challenging the metalworking process is, the greater the benefit that is derived from using a metalworking fluid designed specifically for the application. For this reason our technical staff works closely with customers and thoroughly reviews each application before making a recommendation. Our solutions can involve modifying products from our product line or custom engineering new products to achieve optimal performance for our customers. It is not unusual for the resulting savings to be greater than the cost of the metalworking fluid.

Clark Oil is continuously investing in new technologies to keep our customers at the cutting edge of metalworking performance. Our full service on-site laboratory supports our sales and customer service efforts to provide our customers with creative, engineered solutions for their metalworking needs. We believe exceptional service and performance are critical to building strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.

Mon. - Fri.

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


7555 Bessemer Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44127