Corrosion Protection

Clark produces and develops solvent, water, and oil-based rust preventatives. The depth of our product offering enables us to supply a compound for the length of protection, film type, application, and environmental requirements of virtually any operation. Additionally, Clark also produces water emulsifiable rust preventatives to be used in conjunction with phosphated metals, and rust preventatives for steel coil processors. Our engineers have substantial knowledge and understanding of the effects that corrosive conditions, such as forklift emissions and nearby environmental factors, can have on metal parts.

The Clark Difference

Today’s globalized markets often necessitate machining and shipping in environments laden with humidity and sea air. Without proper corrosion protection, these conditions can wreak havoc on the part quality and scrap rates of your finished goods. At Clark we understand that even just one bad shipment of parts can tarnish a company’s reputation for quality, so we are committed to selling rust preventatives that live up to your harshest conditions. As with all our products, whether selected or developed, our fluid specialists will ensure there is no compromise to your high standards and unique operational conditions.

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