Drawing and Stamping

Clark develops and manufactures a full range of metal forming fluids and blank-washes to meet the needs of today’s drawing and stamping industry. Whether a light or heavy duty job, ferrous or non-ferrous, Clark can provide a premium straight, emulsifiable, or synthetic fluid designed to create superior value for your company. Additionally, Clark has been selling its non-chlorinated drawing compounds to premier stamping companies for the past twenty years.

Clark’s products are typically sold directly to end-users. Our metal forming fluids have shown the ability to produce quality parts without galling, excessive punch and in-die tap wear, and staining on difficult operations. These forming operations include working with high strength steels and steel alloys; including all zinc-coated steels such as electrogalvanized and galvanneal. Clark draws upon its years of experience in the metal forming industry to resolve the issues faced by stamping houses. We excel at providing solutions for difficult operations that other metal forming companies cannot fully resolve.

The Clark Difference

At Clark Oil, fluid design and selection is our specialty. Our engineers always seek to add value through the selection of superior fluid technologies which optimize the performance of your operation. This methodology allows us to deliver top of the line part-finish, corrosion protection, cleanability, and reduced scrap rates, while at the same time decreasing die maintenance and extending tool life on in-die punches and taps.

The expertise of our fluid specialists can also increase the efficiency of your process. With drawing and stamping, this can take the form of fluids that are able to be welded directly after forming, eliminating the need to clean parts between processes. Our blank-wash & prelubes can clean metals and inhibit corrosion prior to stamping while also leaving a significant lubricating film on the metal which enables forming without an additional fluid application.

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