Coolants are a staple of Clark’s product offerings. We produce a wide variety of water-reducible cutting and grinding solutions in order to fit the needs of your operation. These solutions can take the forms of soluble oils, semi-synthetics, micro-emulsions, and synthetics. Clark’s coolant expertise makes short work of machining even the most troublesome metals. Hard steel and gummy aluminum alloys pose no difficulty for our premium fluid lines, even with the EPA’s chlorinated paraffin regulations and sulfur stipulations by manufacturers.The breadth of our knowledge and experience with coolants allow our products to take on the toughest jobs, such as deep-hole drilling and reaming, while at the same time be formulated for superior worker compatibility, low foam, interim corrosion protection, and tramp oil rejection. Our coolants are balanced with cutting edge additive technologies to excel at keeping temperatures low and chips flushed away from the part-tool interface. The result is improved tool-life and part-finish over other coolant brands.

The Clark Difference

Clark’s coolants come with more than just a cutting fluid in a drum: they come with peace of mind. Coolants are among the most labor intensive products used in today’s metalworking operations. Machine sumps require constant monitoring and adjustment, and coolant performance can change overnight. At Clark, we stand by our customers to advise them on proper coolant care and sump maintenance. We will connect you with our fluid specialists to promptly troubleshoot, test, and resolve any issues you might be experiencing in your operation.

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