Custom Designed Products

Clark specializes in formulation expertise, and we depend on strong partnerships with our customers to enhance our understanding. On occasion, a company will come to us with a critical problem they have been unable to resolve. Often these problems arise from unusual situations, while at other times, they are problems that represent the limit of what current metalworking fluids can do. Clark thrives on these challenges. We are at heart a problem-solving organization, and the opportunity to tackle a new problem or push product technologies to new heights is the reason we do business. We are always happy to discuss your situation with you.

These partnerships with customers are also crucial to understanding how our products function in the field. The feedback shared with Clark helps us fine-tune worker compatibility and product functionality. It is not unusual for us to alter an existing product to better suit the needs of a customer, from product appearance to its core function. At Clark we believe that through strong customer relationships business can be conducted with synergy and the metalworking industry can be bettered for all of its stakeholders.

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