Industrial Cleaners

Clark Oil offers three main industrial cleaners which cover a significant range of cleaning applications. Specifically, these are an all-purpose cleaner, a machine and sump cleaner, and a floor cleaner designed to be used in automatic floor scrubbers and power washers.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Clark’s all-purpose cleaner is a liquid concentrate with a wide range of uses in industrial, commercial, marine, automotive and other industries where ferrous metal parts and machinery need quick and effective cleaning. It is a single product replacement for many industrial cleaners such as alkali detergents, emulsion cleaners, petroleum and chlorinated solvents, and others. It is not a fire hazard nor will it produce harmful vapors. It is also biodegradable, making for easy disposal. Clark’s all-purpose cleaner has performed well in part-spray washers, tumblers, carousel washers, ultrasonic cleaners, high pressure spray equipment, and steam cleaners.

Machine Cleaner

Clark’s machine cleaner is a water soluble liquid specially formulated to penetrate and remove oil, grease, and slimy residues which accumulate in machine sumps and in the machine tool interfaces when metalworking fluids are used. Removal of these residues is essential if the premature degradation of new coolants and the fouling of the filter and piping systems of the machine tool interface is to be prevented. Clark’s machine cleaner is non-foaming and compatible with most coolants even in the hardest of waters. This allows for production to continue while cleaning.

Floor Cleaner

Clark’s floor cleaner is a water-reducible, hard surface cleaner and degreaser concentrate.  It will easily remove greases, petroleum oil, animal fats and tire marks from floors and other hard surfaces, such as soiled construction equipment and restaurant kitchens.  Clark floor cleaner is specifically designed to be used in automatic floor scrubbers and power washers, where excessive foaming can cause problems. It is also ideally suited for mopping and other manual cleaning methods. It cleans tough jobs without leaving a slippery surface or film.

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