Machine Lubricants

Clark provides the full spectrum of machine lubricants, including hydraulic oils, machine oils, way oils, compressor oils, gear oils, and greases.

Hydraulic Oils

The hydraulic oils produced by Clark are formulated with premium base stocks and anti-wear additives. They possess outstanding oxidation and thermal stability properties, are formulated to resist foaming, provide superior rust protection on system components, and release entrained air which can help reduce variability in machining operations.

While Clark’s hydraulic oils are designed to handle severe hydraulic applications, they are specifically formulated to satisfy the many lubrication needs of metalworking equipment, including internal gears and bearings. Our hydraulic oils are high performance lubricants. Clark also offers leak resistant hydraulic oils which utilize cutting edge nano-technology.

Machine Oils

Clark offers high grade machine oils made from premium base stocks. Our line of machine oils provides the lubricity needed to keep your operation running smoothly, regardless of your machine’s age.

Way Oils

Our way oils are formulated to lubricate vertical and horizontal guides and ways. They utilize highly refined base oils and additives to give outstanding stability, filterability and load-carrying ability. They also provide excellent emulsion resistance and consistent adhesion where lubrication requirements are essential. Superior formulation assures smooth action at slow speeds under heavy workloads while resisting wash out.

Compressor Oil

Clark’s air compressor oils are compounded from closely fractionated solvent-refined mid-continent stocks. These products are fortified with a balanced additive system which provides long life and trouble free operations, including good oxidation stability, anti-rusting, non-foaming, and anti-wear properties.

Gear Oils

Clark provides multi-purpose, sulfur-phosphorous, extreme pressure antiwear gear oils; ideal for industrial applications where premium quality extreme pressure gear oils are needed. They are blended to provide rust and corrosion protection, enhanced oxidation stability and resistance to foaming. These formulations provide outstanding durability even under high heat and load conditions, and offer the highest quality performance with extended service life for your equipment. Clark offers all the AGMA viscosity grades.


Clark carries premium quality Maxi-Lube E.P. greases designed for multipurpose extreme pressure industrial lubrication. They are formulated with Lithium thickener and select E.P. additives for long service life and proper performance in a wide range of applications, loads, temperatures, and environmental conditions. Our greases are highly resistant to water and salt water wash-off, as well as shearing, enabling such benefits as an excellent corrosion protection and reductions in downtime, repair costs, and quantities consumed.

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