Tube and Bar Forming

Clark Oil is well versed in both oil and water based technology for tube and bar forming. Our bar forming technology does not rely on using pigmented pastes, which allows for cleaner machine operation and product handling. Clark is experienced with tube roll forming as well as the seamless tube processes such as pilgering and draw bench tube forming. Our water based roll forming technology provides excellent part-finish and lubrication, and offers long lasting corrosion protection on ferrous metals.

Clark has developed excellent water and oil based fluids to meet the needs of virtually any seamless tube forming operation; providing superior finish both on the interior and exterior of the tube. Clark has specific products designed for cold pilgering zirconium alloys, which are the worldwide gold standard among producers of tubes for the nuclear power industry.

Our draw bench fluid technology performs at the same high standards as all our products, and can eliminate chattering to improve the quality of your product output. Clark has also developed a specific line of water free products formulated for the draw bench forming of copper tubes, that are compatible with bright annealing processes.

The Clark Difference

Clark’s fluid specialists understand the properties of different metals and the dynamic implications they have on the various tube and bar forming processes. Our in-depth knowledge allows them to select or develop fluids which help improve the functioning of your operation. Our expertise may reduce steps in your process, such as eliminating the need to pickle and lime metal prior to bar forming. Clark has incorporated renewable resources in developing highly worker and environmentally friendly products specifically for the tube forming industry.

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